Something for the Ladies, and something for the Gents. 'Hard Money' has a bit of both. It pulls back the covers and reveals all the naughty bits you always wanted to know about, but were too afraid to ask.

Hard Money - The naked truth behind the red light

Inside Madam Lulu's

Go behind the scenes and between the sheets at a Sydney brothel, run by a 

'madam' unlike any other. The collection of bawdy stories that is 'Hard Money' bridges the gap between literature and erotica. Soft enough for a woman, but hard enough for a man, they will entertain, amuse, and perhaps even arouse you.

"Pay your fee, step inside, and turn UP the lights . . . you will get your money’s worth."

-Verity Marshall


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Hard Money by Verity Louise Marshall

Hard Money

by Verity Louise Marshall

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